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Wasson Way Phases 4-5

Wasson Way Phases 4-5

Under construction in 2021, this critical connection in the Crown will link Wasson Way through Ault Park to the Murray Path into Fairfax, Madisonville, and Mariemont. In the future, this path will extend into Columbia Township and connect to the Little Miami Scenic Trail.

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  1. Why was the plan changed to cross Red Bank road via the train bridge and then immediately turn North to go up Red Bank Road and connect to the Murray path? Originally Wasson way was to continue East across the train bridge over US50 and then continue down the rail corridor to link up with the path behind 50 West brewery. Were their issues with the rail company?

    A connection to the Murray path is still a good option as it allows direct access to downtown Mariemont, but many Eastbound Wasson Way users would prefer to link directly to the little Miami trail. A direct link also avoids the Wooster Pike hill East of Mariemont which is a somewhat dangerous high traffic area. Following the rail line is also much more senic, riding along the river, over the breathtaking rail bridges, and heading straight into Ault Park.

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