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About Us

The Crown is our shared vision.

About The CROWN

The CROWN is a vision for Cincinnati’s first-ever urban trail loop – a 34-mile, multi-use paved trail that connects our city’s iconic landmarks and hidden gems. Once complete, The CROWN will connect more than 356,000 people in 54 communities to major destinations like parks, schools, and centers for employment, retail, recreation and entertainment. This walkable, bikable loop will also be fully separated from roadway traffic, providing a safe and accessible option for all Cincinnatians to gather and be active outdoors.

When complete, The CROWN will form a network with the following trails in development: Wasson Way, Ohio River Trail East, Little Miami Scenic Trail, Ohio River Trail West, Mill Creek Greenway Trail, and Canal Bikeway. The CROWN will transform Cincinnati into a leading destination to live, work, and play by linking our regional trails and reconnecting our neighborhoods.

The CROWN is supported by a public-private partnership leveraging state and federal grant funding to connect our regional trails. Individual, corporate, and foundation donations are essential to completing The CROWN. Our capital campaign cabinet is led by a talented group of community leaders, all passionate about making The CROWN vision a reality. If you’re interested in becoming involved, please contact us.

CROWN Campaign Cabinet

Wym & Jan Portman, Chairs

Rick Greiwe, Vice Chair
Simon Foster, Treasurer
Doug & Beth Brendamour
Bob Castellini
Bob Coughlin
Brendon Cull
Danielle Discepoli
April Gallelli
Lauren Hannan Shafer
Rob Heidt
Pete Horton
Peter Klekamp
Allison Kropp
Colleen Lindholz
Brad Lindner
Sean McGrory
Rick Michelman
Eric Mueller
Betsy Neyer
Dan Neyer
Bruce Petrie
Brewster Rhoads
Jeff Schloemer
Robin Sheakley
John Tew
Alex Tosolini
Craig Young

CROWN Leadership Team

Wym & Jan Portman, Chairs, Ohio River Way Board
Rick Greiwe, Vice Chair, Ohio River Way Board
Simon Foster, Treasurer, Ohio River Way Board
Wade Johnston, Campaign Manager, Green Umbrella / Tri-State Trails
Danielle Discepoli, Wasson Way Board
Sean McGrory, Wasson Way Board
Ryan Mooney-Bullock, Green Umbrella
Bruce Petrie, Ohio River Way Board

CROWN Steering Committee

Danielle Discepoli, Wasson Way Board
Simon Foster, Ohio River Way Board
Wade Johnston, Green Umbrella / Tri-State Trails
Sean McGrory, Wasson Way Board
Ryan Mooney-Bullock, Green Umbrella
Todd Palmeter, Great Parks of Hamilton County
Bruce Petrie, Ohio River Way Board

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